How to Encourage Your Spouse to Attend a Session with Counseling Therapists

It’s almost impossible to get unwilling spouses to go to a marriage counseling therapists session with you, unless they are ordered by the court. If somebody doesn’t want to go, you are not able to force them to attend these sessions. Furthermore, if your spouse or partner agrees to go but is not willing to change, counseling will be useless for both of you.

In some cases, though, your spouse or partner may feel uncomfortable with the thought of talking to a stranger about you and your common problems. They could feel like the counselor and spouse looking to attend will use this time to verbally attack them. In these situations, talking with your spouse or partner regarding their reluctance to attend could help to encourage them to at least try it.

Another way which may be helpful is to ask your spouse or partner to go to these sessions in order to help you. When they do not feel the sessions are not going to be confrontational but could actually be beneficial to their partner, they could go with no admission both parties contribute to the problems within the marriage.

Most psychologists feel if a spouse does not want to go to counseling, the person who does want to go should still attend. Individual counseling can help a person clearly define their own needs and problems. If the reluctant spouse begins to see you are benefiting from the session, they could be more open to it.

A spouse that is worried about sharing their personal feelings in front of a stranger could be willing to work through a self-help book on having a more healthy marriage. This could, in turn, create an interest in counseling or help address some problems within a marriage.

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