When a family is in crisis, be it an unexpected move, illness or other issue, it begins to fall apart. You, your spouse, your children are all suffering and responding to the family crisis whether as a result from the cause of the crisis or from what comes out of it. The best road to take is to organize all of them by seeking help from a family and marriage counselor.

A highly experienced, and knowledgeable therapist service such as Noreen Rios of San Diego CA, 92117 can assist you in resolving any problems you have within your family.

Marriage and family counselor for your marriage issues!

It this situation is familiar to you: dad believes he can simply ignore the issue and it will go away; mom thinks she can handle it all on her own because she is the strength and the spine of the family. The children are usually most affected from this situation, but it’s entirely possible that one or more of them may be the reason for the family crisis. The marriage and family counselors at Noreen Rios, San Diego CA, 92117, will be able to determine the family dynamics, therefore encouraging and stimulating all household members to directly participate in the treatment as well as the resolution of the family’s issues. We have been delivering family counseling for 32 years, and we have the expertise to help you.

A good therapist will be able to deal with each member of the family and refer if necessary. For example, if alcohol or drugs are involved, perhaps a referral to an outpatient or inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation program will be suggested. Apart from the individual therapies some of our treatment programs will also include a family treatment element which will become part of a total treatment plan for the whole family. All members of the family in distress should be involved in the family therapy. This family therapy is an equally essential part of the treatment plan, defining both short and long term goals. The aim of family counseling is to bring a family closer together with all of them contributing to resolve the crisis.

We are not just a businesses! We care deeply for our patients and strive to tailor our service around their unique needs. Our marriage and family counselors are certified, carrying many years of experience dealing with a variety of marriage and family issues throughout the area of San Diego CA, 92117.

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