counseling therapists San Diego, CAWe, from Noreen Rios, are a team of highly-qualified counseling therapists who have been providing the individuals in San Diego CA, 92117 with professional relationship counseling services for many years. We are focused on helping couples resolve problems that may be plaguing them or causing distress between them.

What is relationship counseling?

It is a form of counseling which focuses on addressing various types of relationships. It can be used to explore areas of tension in a relationship, to strengthen an existing relationship, and to deal with a variety of problems that come up in interpersonal interactions. There are a number of approaches to this type of counseling, and Noreen Rios offers several resources for people who seek this type of counseling.

As experienced counseling therapists in San Diego CA, 92117, we can assure you that couplesĀ counseling can be of huge benefit to any relationship, regardless of the severity or nature of your problems. Some of the major ways in which couples counseling can benefit your relationship are in the areas of:

  • Re-negotiating your commitments,
  • Improved communication
  • Revitalizing emotional connection.

Couples generally come to us when they realize that their relationship is in some kind of trouble. Sometimes the problem is so significant or has been left unattended for so long, that the relationship is already suffering from a severe crisis. At other times, the couple becomes aware at an earlier stage that they’re not able to resolve their problems on their own, and they need the help from a relationship counselor before their relationship hits crisis point and heads to dissolution.


Many people tend to think of relationship counseling as being limited to romantic relationships, it can also include other work relationships, friendships, and family relationships. No matter what type of relationship counseling services you need, we are the counseling therapists you can trust. Call us at (619) 350-6685 today to schedule an appointment!