Our very closest relationship: co-habitation, civil partnership or a marriage, is based on trust and intimacy. Unfortunately, it can stop working for a number of reasons. When that happens we are affected deeply meaning our happiness and health suffer. Along with our sense of self-worth, our identity often rests on the strength and comfort of our relationships meaning we start to despair when our relationship fails. Therefore, before you give up on your relationship with the person you still care for and love, give a chance to couple counseling. The experienced and polite therapist at Noreen Rios of San Diego CA, 92117 is your best chance to strengthen your relationship or marriage.

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Pressures of family, work, health and money all take their toll. All of a sudden the healthy relationship that once recharged you, leaves you disappointed and drained.

  • Signs that show you have relationship issues:
  • Communication breaks down
  • Sex causes problems
  • Arguments continue without resolution
  • Violence bursts
  • Depression or other health problems occur
  • Bond of trust is eroded or broken.

Relationships of all kinds need a solid foundation; two unhappy people with unsolved issues rarely make a long-term happy, healthy relationship. It may be tempting to believe that our partner can compensate for an earlier loss and pain, but this hope sometimes leads to further disappointment. Liking oneself and self-respect are the essential ingredients for a good, stable relationship. If they are in short supply it is best to consider counseling to address them. You should enter a relationship as positive as possible for the best chance of a long-term happiness. Whatever troublesome situation you are going through, no matter if it is personal or work related, our therapist is ready to help you overcome it in the smoothest manner. Noreen Rios of San Diego CA, 92117 has the knowledge along with the unparalleled experience to resolve your issue, pointing you in the right direction.

Individual, work or couples counseling with our therapist will help you move on following a relationship crisis or separation. Do not hesitate to contact Noreen Rios. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you feel insecure or are going through a rough period? Don’t despair, are guarantee to you is that even after one session you will feel lighter and more optimistic.

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