Do you and your partner have trouble communicating?

Do you frequently fight over child-rearing, money, housework or even numerous other insignificant issues?

These outbursts are seldom specific to the argument at hand but are often masks for deeper unmet needs that are unfulfilled. Those who firmly refuse to go to marriage counseling are usually those who could potentially benefit most from the sessions. If your spouse is one of those people, you should definitely seek some form of individual counseling from Noreen Rios in San Diego CA, 92117 to better understand and learn how to control your emotional reactions as well as negative contributions to the marriage. We have been in business for 33 years and realize how hard it can be to communicate with a marriage counselor, but we also know how empowering it can be when you decide to make that first confidential call to a licensed counseling therapist.


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Want to thank you for everything you did for me! After my wife abandoned me, I was really depressed. I had to take care of our 2 children, go to work, clean and everything. Each day seemed to be endless. A friend of mine recommended your services. Week after I started visiting you, I started realize that my life goes on, and have much more important things to do than just depressing and do nothing. I am a new person now, thanks to you Noreen! Strongly recommend Noreen Rios! She is the best counselor around!
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5.0 8 Want to thank you for everything you did for me! After my wife abandoned me, I was really depressed. I had to take care of our 2 children, go to work, clean and everything. Each da

Our therapist on a couples counseling session

If there happens to be a complicating factor such as an addiction problem for you or your spouse, marriage counseling is a great option to overcome it together and feel more confident in your relationship than ever. By definition, marriage and individual counseling are a type of psychotherapy directed at determining the core of problem areas and explaining to you the tools for a healthy and successful conflict resolution. Our skilled therapist will promote as well as encourage interaction between you and your partner, mediating where necessary as a third, unbiased party. The goal of quality marriage counseling is to help you identify the sources and emotions behind your disagreements as well as disputes therefore considerably improving the communication between the two of you. If you need marriage and family counselors then look no further than Noreen Rios.

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Our therapist on a individual sessionWhen you call Noreen Rios to schedule an appointment, she will upon request provide you with information concerning the education, credentials and therapy style of the counselor who will take over your case. We use active listening, letter writing, journaling and various forms of role playing. Private counseling for couples retreat weekends are always recommended as ways to liven up and strengthen the relationship outside of therapy sessions. Depending on how deep the situation of your problem goes, the marriage counselor will determine which is the best course of action and will deliver the best result in helping you to fix your relationship. In most cases, a combination of therapy strategies tailored to what the therapist sees is used. We guarantee you will be amazed on how professional, courteous and caring Noreen Rios is to all of our clients in San Diego CA, 92117.

Unfortunately, you have to face the reality that after a number of couples counseling or individual counseling sessions you may realize that your core beliefs are truly different and incompatible with your spouse’s and you may decide that it is time to split and move on. Upon your request, our trained therapist can continue working with you through the transition and recovery from the unsuccessful relationship.

If you’re tired of ignoring a strained relationship and finally realize that seeking help might be the answer to your problems and a helpful way to handle the situation, then you should call us. We understand the first step is the hardest, but believe us, each step really does get easier.

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